Wednesday, June 21, 2017


The latest, coolest and cheapest additions to my toy collection. Umbrella Popsicle Moulds produce perfect tapered ice dildos for hot and cold play, perhaps double penetration. You're hot and the ice melts quickly, mixes with your sweet pussy nectar and slides into my grateful thirsty mouth. Mmmm, such an exquisite intoxicating summer cocktail. Organic and orgasmic too. Tastier when your cunt is hot and sweaty, ripe and unwashed. Let's call it a yummy cuntail !

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Scent of a Woman's Cunt

Mmmm, the intoxicating aroma of hot sweaty cunt -- the sweatier the better ! The first heat wave of the year spawns exquisite fantasies about inhaling deeply and feasting and gorging on her delicious ripe juicy peach after gym or yoga -- before she showers. Addicted and loving it. Need to be fed frequently and regularly.