Friday, April 21, 2017

421 -- International Pussy Worship Day

April 21, International Pussy Worship Day. It follows International Weed Day because there’s nothing better in this life or the next than munching pussy galore with the munchies and slurping torrents of delicious nutritious cunt juice. It’s kinda like Valentine’s Day for pillow princesses – but hotter and wetter. Get high and go down and stay there until she’s squealing and squirting and you’re drowning in her intoxicating joy juice. Mmmm, goddess nectar, sweeter than honey, the fountain of eternal lust, and the mother of all prick stiffeners. Swallow every sacred drop – it’s holy communion for pussygobblers. Whether you’re a licker or a lickee or both, celebrate the Feast of Saint Lickalot and orgasmic cunningual bliss. The weekend was meant for wine, weed and all the sweet juicy pussy you can sink your tongue into.
In honour of the occasion I offer the royal pillow princess treatment to one needy lickee – my tireless talented tongue, some naughty toys, a lengthy lickathon, and multiple intense orgasms.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Hey Girl, It's Eat Her Weekend !

Wanna use and abuse my talented tireless tongue for a few hours ?

Saturday, April 01, 2017

Dr. Peachslurper

So you're orgasm deprived and the epicentre of your femininity is neglected and craves enthusiastic loving attention. You have a high libido and need to be pleasured frequently until completely satisfied. Age, ethnicity and body type are unimportant.

Dr. P has the cure for what ails you. Your appointment will involve thorough examination with medical instruments, exploration and testing of your sexual response, and intensive tongue and toy therapy involving impressive instruments of erotic pleasure. You will moan and groan and squeal and squirt and leave with that certain smile on your face -- orgasmic bliss is guaranteed.

Appointments available afternoons, evenings and weekends. Emergency house calls too.