Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Cuntoholics Unanimous

My name is Peter and I’m a cuntoholic. Happily, my addiction is incurable but I need to be fed frequently and generously. Fresh juicy cunt is not to be found at meat markets or grocery stores or farmers’ markets or delicatessens or food banks, and I’m ravenously hungry, desperately famished. Pussy is not on the menu at Wendy’s or Burger Queen or Tasty Taco or Starfucks or Hot Box Lunch or Chick-fil-A or Pink Lobster or Cuntry Style Muffins or Clam Jam or Finger Lickin’ Chicken or Peach Pie Paradise or Smorgassbord Slurpfest or Schnitz N Tits. Surely I thought, Asian establishments would offer what I crave – but no luck at Sum Yung Slit or Chow Mein Snatch or Happy Lucky Noodle or All You Can Eat Poontang Buffet or Yummy Cummy Dumpling or Juicy Lucy Sushi. 

So dear readers, who will feed me ?

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