Monday, February 01, 2016

The Power and the Glory of the Mature Woman

The heart sees no skin colour, no wrinkles, no greying hair, no sagging flesh -- the heart sees only YOU in all your majestic ripening glory. Take me as your lover and I will embrace you and everything about you, and put the Mona Lisa smile of blissful contentment on your lips. Bring me your aging womanly body and your insecurities and let me adore and worship you, like the goddess Venus. Bring me your glorious wrinkles and precious flesh, so adorably rich with the tapestry of your life, and so irresistible to my hunger and passion. Bring me the serenity of your face, etched with lines of wisdom and painted with peace and tenderness. Let me kneel at your feet and gaze into your knowing eyes and worship the essence of your femininity. You are the most beautiful and desirable woman on the planet. This is my holy communion and I ask only that you bless me with your approval and your sacred nectar on my tongue

Dame Helen Mirren at 70 

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