Thursday, February 18, 2016

Scent of Cunt

So many intoxicants to choose from, but none more intoxicating and powerful than the unique scent of her warm juicy cunt, especially after a hot yoga session, and before a shower. Fragrance of Goddess. Pussy Perfume. Odour de Vulva. Aroma of Vagina. Essence of Womanhood. One could make millions.

Remove your panties and hold them under my nose where I can inhale the magical essence of your femininity -- then observe human knees turn to jelly.

A former lover used to gift me daily with a dainty pair of worn fragrant panties. She would leave them in my inside jacket pocket where I could discreetly bend my head at my desk and inhale the heart-pumping smell of her yummy cunt throughout the workday. Talk about drugs in the workplace ! If there was time in the morning before parting for work, she'd sometimes leave the delicious smell of her pussy on the fingers of my left hand and I'd sniff her magnificent aroma as I drove to work. Talk about distracted driving !

And if her panties were sopping wet when she got home, a special treat -- fragrant facewashing. Talk about a heavenly hors d'oeuvre !

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