Friday, January 29, 2016

Saying Grace

The Selkirk Grace, or Pussygobbler's Prayer of Thanks;

'Some hae meat and canna eat,
And some wad eat that want it,
But we hae meat and we can eat,
Sae let the Lord be thankit.'

-- Robert Burns

Are You Hot ?

So what makes a woman hot, or not ?

What makes you hot is not whether you are black or white, young or old, blonde or brunette, grey or ginger, petite or statuesque, pale or tanned, slender or rubenesque. It matters not whether your eyes are brown or blue, or whether your bum is tight and cute, or cheeky and meaty. Nor is your hotness affected by whether you are a virgin or a mother, single or attached, religious or otherwise. And it certainly does not matter if your quim has hair, is bare, or is in between. Or whether you have large or small labia, or perky little tits, or large ripe melons.

What matters most to me is that you are a warm happy woman with a large appetite for the joyous pleasures of the flesh. A libidinous pillow princess who craves my tireless insatiable tongue and who will surrender the fragrant flower of her femininity to my ravenous hunger and lust. Who will grant me the privilege and honour of worshipping the holy grail of her womanhood. Someone who is addicted to the sweet agony of orgasmic bliss and needs to be eaten several times a day.

Bonus if you wear yoga pants and have a clit that won't quit.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

May I Have This Dance ?

It's called the mango tango -- your clit, my tongue. Your sweet juice all over my face, your sacred nectar gushing down my throat, my heart skipping beats. Wanna dance on my face ?