Sunday, September 13, 2015

Ode to My Dream Queen

An open invitation to my Dream Queen, who remains to be discovered:

Feast of Dreams

You're the girl my hungry eyes have seen
the pillow princess who became a Queen
with womanly curves and full round hips
and sensuous mouth with luscious lips
with ample bosom and big hard nips
to dance beneath my fingertips
a girl who loves to laugh like I
whose pussy tastes like sweet peach pie
flesh so soft and warm and sweet
please feed me your delicious treat
a girl who craves hot oral fun
and loves my eager hungry tongue
with luscious cunt like a ripened plum
and slippery juice oozing down your bum
surrender shyly your warm wet mango
and dance with me the hot tongue tango
yeah ride my tongue and grind my face
and give me honey to slurp and taste
you play with girls as well as boys
and diddle yourself with naughty toys
so take my finger in your lovely ass
and squeeze it tight like a virgin lass
yes mew and moan as I tongue your treasure
and squeal and squirt in exquisite pleasure
and upon your pearl a long french kiss
to bring you to orgasmic bliss.

Should you decide to take a lover, I respectfully offer prolonged adoration and worship in the cathedral between your thighs. I'm available to audition 24/7.

yours humble servant,

Peter B. Peachslurper

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