Saturday, August 22, 2015

Meet Greet Eat !

I want you naked, slow dancing and squeezing your bulging tits. I want you to be my slutty Princess, and I your starving slave -- trapped and trembling together in frantic pawing lust. I want your panties, wet and humid in my nostrils and all over my face, the magical musky aroma of your cunt irresistible and gripping me like leather and chains. I wanna nuzzle deep into your warm fragrant embrace, and feverishly grope your smooth silky flesh like a fiendish randy schoolboy. I wanna squeeze your soft breasts together and suckle both succulent nipples at once. I wanna squeeze your awesome bum, vigorously and viciously, until juice runs down your thighs. I wanna breathe in, deep and long, the rich ripe aroma of your hot sweaty cunt, until I'm intoxicated and uncontrollable. I wanna see you face down and ass up, your luscious cheeks spread wide apart, your stunning puckered starfish riveting and inviting. I wanna hear you mew like a kitten and push back on my hungry tongue as I voraciously slurp your glorious asshole. I want your legs spread wide, your secret silky treasure vulnerable, glistening like peach halves on a plate. I wanna gaze up into your eyes and revel in the pleasure in your face. I want your hand on my head, the other squeezing a hard pointed nipple. I wanna slow dance, hot and close -- your aching pussy and my ravenous mouth. I wanna taste your slick oozing nectar, sweet like pure syrup-lite, precious like the fountain of youth. I wanna shiver with delight as your sacred essence slides down my throat and my heart misses a beat. I wanna gobble your full ripe peach and gorge it all into my greedy mouth, and suck and chew your entire cunt with manic driven lips. I want your clit, aching and swollen, and pulsing and begging to be licked gently and sucked mercilessly. I wanna worship your sacred girl pearl, stiff and swollen, pulsing and charged with electricity, two fingers churning your hot mushy cunt, triggers on your g-spot. But most of all, I want your blessing -- when you squirm and squeal in excruciating agony, and cum all over my face. I wanna struggle to swallow as gentle streams of your warm tangy juice fill my hungry grateful mouth. I wanna give thanks to Her above. And I want you quivering and whimpering, and begging for more.