Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Heavenly Moments

When you message me and tell that you need to be eaten.
When you raise your skirt and remove your panties.
When you lay back and spread your thighs and offer me your gorgeous glorious pussy.
When I inhale the intoxicating musky aroma of your hot juicy cunt.
When you command me to hungrily lick and flick your clit until you cum all over my face.
When my hungry tongue slides between your succulent plump lips.
When I savour the exquisite taste of your sweet oozing juice.
When you cradle my head and pull my ravenous tongue harder on your aching throbbing clit.
When you squeal and squirm and convulse -- and bless me with your excruciating orgasms.
When you gush your sacred essence onto my eager outstretched tongue.
And when I swallow, the ultimate thrill.

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