Thursday, March 05, 2015

Ask Uncle Artie

Dear Uncle Artie;

I'm a longtime member of Cuntoholics Unanimous and hopelessly and happily addicted to slurping pussy. I just saw that trashy movie Fifty Shades of Pink and now I'm hungrier than ever, but just can't find any hot juicy pussy to sink my tongue into. I'd really love to go downtown for lunch every day and dine at the Y, and maybe gobble some peach pie for dessert. But it seems as thought there are way too many lickers chasing far too few lickees. My nose is failing me lately Uncle Artie -- any ideas where I can sniff out some choice pussy to munch on ?

Yours sincerely,

Peter B. Peachslurper

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Uncle Artie said...

Oh Peter... I do believe you're pulling my leg here. I did a Google search, looking for Cuntoholics Unanimous and found nothing. Is it perhaps a private organization? As for your quandary... I think I have a solution for you! I think your problem may in fact be that your standards are simply too high! There are many women in this fair city who are looking for a man just like you! You just have to find them. Try taking a stroll at Yonge and Sherbourne after hours. Make sure you have some money in your pocket! No young lady wants to keep company with a man who can't afford to court her properly. If you find that you still can't solve your problem... I suggest you try stamp collecting. At least it will keep your tongue in shape!

I hope this helped!

All the best,
Uncle Artie