Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Feast of Saint Valentine

The Feast of Saint Valentine, patron saint of lovers, is celebrated annually on February 14 and traditionally features a bacchalanian orgy of joyous cunnilingus. Not to be confused with the Feast of Saint Lickalot, patron saint of cunt lappers and clit lickers, which features a continuous orgasmathon of pussy slurping, sucking, gobbling and gorging and is celebrated every day -- morning, afternoon, evening or night. Then there's Saint Lancelot, patron saint of fucking, but that's another story.

It's yummy yum yum time and I wanna eat you out, go downtown for lunch, dine at the Y, munch your pie, slurp your peach, chow down on your fur burger, or go diving for pearls etc. etc. Preferably in a comfortable armchair with your luscious thighs draped lewdly over the arms and your humble hungry tongue slave kneeling in the classic worship position -- however you like it, for as long as you want. No obligatory cards and chocolates, no wine and roses, no fancy dinners and boring movies -- just a dozen exquisitely excruciating squealing squirting orgasms. I'll revel in your taste, rejoice in your pleasure, and swallow your sweet juice !

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