Saturday, January 31, 2015

As You Like It

The golden rule of cunnilingus -- you gotta love it ! Pure and simple. You gotta feel honoured and privileged to kneel and worship at her sacred altar of Venus. You gotta be paralyzed with awe and reverence when you gaze at the holy grail of her femininity. You gotta be consumed with lust and driven with passion when your tongue tastes her sweet velvety lips. You gotta lick and slurp and suck and gobble like a grunting slobbering wild beast when you feast and gorge ravenously on the delicious treasure between her widespread silky thighs. You gotta feel your heart pounding in your throat when she blesses you with her squealing spasming orgasm. You gotta greedily gulp and swallow every delicious drop of her joy juice which gushes into your mouth like an exquisite forbidden sacrament. You gotta be grateful and gratified and fulfilled.

As for how, there is again a simple answer -- whenever, wherever and however she likes it, for as long as she wants. Thanks to the 15 ladies who divulged their preferences. Most popular -- Endlessly. Riding a hungry tongue. Ravenously. Vigorously. With G-spot fingering. And don't stop when she cums, unless she drags your head away. Usually on a bed ( with a pillow and a towel under her delectable bum ) -- or my personal favourite, reclining in a big armchair with her legs draped lewdly over the arms.

Honourable mention to long tongue strokes, moaning while you worship, and swallowing her delicious joy juice.

Praise be to cunnilingus -- the most delicious, sensual and gratifying act of love and lust. No matter whether you are a giver, a receiver, or fortunate to be both.

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