Friday, December 19, 2014

Eat Or Be Eaten ?

Wanna worship or be worshipped ?

Lickers and Lickees link up here ! Same goes for slurpers and slurpees, suckers and suckees, squirters and swallowers. Simply indicate your location and contact method (kik, IM, email, etc.) in the comments section of this post and let's spread the joy of the gospel according to Saint Lickalot. The ancient and noble art of cunnilingus is acutely under-performed and widespread quivering whimpering orgasmic bliss will help make this wretched world a better place !

Thanks to Island Kitten for the suggestion.


Peter Phisnarus said...

Pussy worshipper in Toronto seeks pillow princess -- kik; peachslurper -- email;

JJ said...

Terrible pity you're so far away. I'm all the way in Nigeria where true worshippers are oh so scarse. Kik - JJ.alias