Sunday, November 02, 2014

Easy Rider

'ride my tongue and grind my face
give me juice to slurp and taste'
-- from the Gospel According To Saint Lickalot

Face down, ass up -- reaching around with both hands, your glorious bum cheeks spread wide apart, your tight pink starfish begging to be worshipped, sloppily. It is my great pleasure to oblige and my tongue is insatiable, slurping like a wild ravenous beast. My nose and tongue fuck your tight rubbery ring until it is slick and loose for your new pink princess plug. Slowly and gently stretching your asshole, engulfing the fat knob with tight elastic muscle, then clenching with a plop, and a gasp, and a soft moan of acceptance.

I lay back expectantly with my heart pounding in my throat, and you slowly and deliberately straddle my face. Reaching up with one hand, fondling your luscious melons, squeezing nipples taut and swollen. Gazing pleading into your eyes, lewdly contorted with desire and unspoken urgency. My other hand gropes the firm contours of your luscious cheeky bum. Warm velvety pussy lips caress my begging mouth in a gentle teasing rhythm -- hands grasp the bedhead and your hips undulate instinctively in the timeless ritual of lust. The intoxicating musky aroma of your cunt fills my nostrils and you spread your sweet juice all over my face until I'm drenched and delirious. Your ripe juicy pussy dances slowly with my hungry slurping mouth -- fruit of the harvest, the mango tongue tango. Two fingers vigorously massage that magic spot inside your tight wet cunt and sweet nectar oozes onto my tastebuds. Your aching swollen pearl of pleasure gently rides the tip of my tongue life a surfer on the big wave. On and on until bolts of pulsing lightning pierce the epicentre of your being and you fall off the cliff in agony, spasming and convulsing into the deep abyss of squealing orgasmic bliss. Warm sweet juice gushes into my mouth, filling it completely, the taste sublime and sweet and musky. Then the pure excitement of swallowing, the most sacred of communions -- and the most exquisite and gratifying moment of all.

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