Sunday, August 31, 2014

Oh Doctor !

You are a woman of a certain age, elegant and poised, wise and respected. Secretly you are libidinous and lusty in the extreme -- and seriously orgasm deprived. Desperately horny, to put it mildy. Doctor P has the cure for what ails you and offers his services for a token fee -- to be reimbursed during the course of the evening with fresh sweet cunt juice. You arrive punctually and eager for therapy.

You enter the room and quickly feel relaxed, yet ominously aroused -- flickering scented candles and pulsing fuck music. A glass of wine as you peruse the many instruments of pleasure on display. You seem enthralled by the number and variety of naughty toys --  inflatable pussy and butt plugs, clit and nipple pumps, various vibrators, leather and chains, anal beads and beaded glass dildos, a spreader bar and a feather, blindfolds and a ball gag, rope and cuffs, nipple clips and clamps, and impossibly enormous dildos. Whatever it takes to give you delicious intense pleasure -- including a tireless insatiable tongue. I slide a finger into your oozing pussy and tell you to imagine a large rubber prick -- powerfully and relentlessly fucking your cunt, or the Hitachi Magic Wand humming on your clit, or your nipples tightly squeezed. I suck your sweet cunt juice from my fingers, then put them back for more. I show you the Sybian orgasm machine, demonstrate its dual stimulation, and note the slight smile on you face as you imagine the double pleasure. Then the fucking machine, which makes you gasp when I turn it on. You breathe a sigh of relief when I suggest we start with a smaller dildo.

Another glass and you confess your sexual preferences. It bodes well for your treatment that you are open-minded, multi-orgasmic and will eagerly submit to any and all of my lewd and lascivious techniques. I'm pleased to hear that you have, as requested, not washed your pussy since this morning. Now it's time to remove your panties and pass them to me to inhale. I'm surprised at how warm and wet they are and use them to thoroughly wash my face. Your musky scent is powerful and intoxicating and I become a ravenous grunting merciless beast. You pass the smell test.

The evening is long and the room is heavy with the aroma of lavender and hot passionate sex. You reward my enthusiastic services with copious amounts of warm tasty joy juice and I eagerly swallow every delicious drop. Your nipples are raw and tender, your pussy is sore and aching, and your clit is swollen and throbbing. Your tight starfish has been tongued and probed and gently stretched. You have cum so often and so hard that you are barely able to walk or talk. You're in a stupefied state of quivering whimpering orgasmic bliss. Your therapy is off to an excellent start my dear -- I'll see you again in a week.

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Anonymous said...

I'm ready to make an appointment, TD.