Thursday, August 28, 2014

In Praise of the Hitachi Magic Wand

It's a universal favourite and produces intense addictive pleasure -- and countless exquisite orgasms. Your legs widespread, eyes closed, mouth open -- mewing and moaning deliriously and endlessly. The dimmer switch changes your two-speed vibrator into a multi-speed ultimate orgasm provider. You start on low and raise your legs -- and let me tongue your asshole. I gorge like a hungry grunting beast, feasting feverishly as you push back and show me how much you love it. We go one for ages until there's a long drawn out groan when you turn up the speed. The machine hums louder and so too your squeals of delight. Your slick juice runs down between your cheeks and lubricates your asshole. I gently work a butt plug into your tight pink starfish. Two fingers inside your cunt massaging your g-spot. I know what's cumming and position my mouth close to your hot pulsing pussy. A long agonizing guttural groan erupts from deep within and your cunt clenches on my fingers, muscles spasm and convulse in excruciating ecstasy. Warm gentle streams of delicious nectar gush into my grateful open mouth.

Magic indeed ! Never underestimate a woman's capacity for pleasure -- measure it in squeals and hours. And whoever named this wonderful device half a century ago was much more prescient than anyone could have predicted.

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