Friday, May 16, 2014

Perchance to Dream

-- Shakespeare, Hamlet

I'm happily consumed and obsessed with my incurable addiction -- eating pussy and ass. And I dream of the endless bacchalanian slurpfest -- the sacred Feast of Saint Lickalot, Patron Saint of Cunnilingus. I'm a gentle man and a gentleman on the street-- and an insatiable ravenous slut when there's a juicy pussy or sweet asshole in my face. Naked, blindfolded, bound and spread-eagled on a four poster bed, while a succession of libidinous older ladies ride my tongue and grind my face -- and squirt torrents of tasty joy juice down my grateful hungry throat. The ultimate dream.

They're four hot fifty-somethings from the local cuntry club seeking regular treatment for severe orgasm deprivation syndrome. I never see their faces, but bask in the lusty sounds of their heavy breathing and urgent voices -- mature and demanding and fabulously filthy. And in desperate need of powerful multiple orgasms. In seconds my mouth is full of fat wet fleshy pussy lips. Unwashed as requested. Thick thighs immobilize my face and I worship in the grand cathedral of lust. My nostrils quickly inhale the intoxicating fragrance of her ripe musky cunt, and I breathe in deeply. I can only groan and moan in bliss -- and lick suck slurp and swallow. Enormous wet lips vigorously wash my face, grinding on nose and mouth. Honey-sweet juice oozes over my tongue and slides slowly down my throat, and gulped eagerly. I eagerly obey every command. The struggle to breathe and swallow drives me into a frenzy. She is soon on the brink, then eases up on my tongue and leisurely rides the waves the pleasure, edging ever closer to the abyss. But I feast like a snorting grunting beast -- ravenously and without mercy.  She soon explodes, squealing and squirting, spasming and gasping, ejaculating several streams of warm bittersweet cunt juice into my hungry mouth. My heart pounds and swells with excitement -- oh, the incredible thrill.

They take turns and the feast lasts for several fabulous hours. Two are bare and one has hair and the other is bristly in-between. But they all have that delicious cunt aroma, are extremely juicy and beg to be worshipped. The room resonates with lewd moaning and groaning and heavy breathing, and it's soon a frantic noisy orgasmathon. Delirious squeals of impending bliss -- my mouth gapes wide to greedily slurp her sacred nectar. I finger fuck a slick velvety pussy with each of my bound hands while another rides my tireless tongue. A hot mouth sucks and slurps hungrily on my stiff prick but she doesn't let me cum. Someone slight squats over my face, spreads her cheeks, and feeds me her delicious asshole. Gradually my tongue slurps its way inside and she moans and begins to ride, tongue fucking me slowly and gently. A small bullet cube hums on her clit, and soon more excruciating screaming pleasure and another deluge of joy juice to quench my desperate thirst. Then another, and another. I'm a pussy slut and a tongue slave -- delighted to be endlessly used and abused without mercy. Heaven or Hell can wait -- this is paradise !

Suddenly they are gone and I wake with a smile on my face and a wonderful sense of cerebral gratification. My hands are free and I spurt quickly. The ultimate fantasy. Once a month.

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Sir Thomas (DOM) said...

Ah Hamlet! A fellow Thespian, Peter?
Here is my take on that scene - To Punt or Not to Punt, That is The Question.