Friday, May 09, 2014

Mother Nature

Mother Nature's Day is every day !

No matter your particular religion, we've been taught to believe that this god or that god is male -- and don't you dare ever forget it !

But it's quite evident to me that the supreme being is female. And among other things, is also the greatest artist of all time. Mother Nature. I see Her everywhere -- in everyday life itself. But especially in Her masterpiece -- woman. I'm addicted to the heart and flesh of the ultimate creation, and am drawn like a bee to a flower, to taste her delicious spiritual essence.

So wherever you are today, get down on your knees and kneel in the great cathedral between her thighs. Worship the holy grail of womanhood with your eyes, hands, fingers, lips and tongue.  Kiss and lick and suck and slurp her delicious juicy pussy, like there's no tomorrow. She will love every second -- and reward you with her squealing squirting orgasms.

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