Thursday, March 27, 2014


Juice -- hearty and healthy, sweet and fruity, nutritious and delicious. Add arousing and erotic and magical -- and you have goddess nectar, cunt juice, cunny honey, pussy ooze, feminine elixir, magic potion, joy juice....

To which I am incurably and happily addicted, and to which I attribute many years of good health. It's a special treat to drop to my knees and find you hot and wet, the lips of your pussy swollen and oozing. To slurp your syrupy sauce and savour the pure raw sweetness. And swallow greedily the heavenly magical potion. I want it all over my face and on my chin and in my nostrils, and I won't wash my face for days. As for the towel that I position to catch any unconsumed excess -- I'm gonna fall asleep every night with my face buried in it -- until I can on longer smell the lingering intoxicating scent of your cunt juice.

I love the hot tasty streams that you joyously ejaculate into my hungry mouth when when you spasm and convulse in squealing squirting orgasmic bliss. A sacred and treasured blessing indeed -- like holy communion, but with eroticism and lust. It tastes deliciously different -- warm and bittersweet with a nutty flavour, maybe like bitternut hickory. Everything about it is incredibly exciting -- joy juice. Sometimes it's a small gentle flood which oozes everywhere, even down into the delicious deep crack of your bum -- and I have to slurp urgently to catch every drop. Other times it's a gentle sprinkle which spurts perfectly into my hungry mouth to be tasted and relished. But my favourite is when you gush like a fountain and I gotta gulp frantically to swallow it all. Long hot streams pulsing onto my tongue and filling my mouth and splashing all over my face. The exquisite excitement of ejaculation and of savouring your flavour . Mmmm, then the incomparable thrill of swallowing.

There's a special place for a woman who's hot and wet -- and has a delicious pussy which produces sweet nectar like a juice factory.

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