Saturday, November 09, 2013

Marvellous Matinee

Q is 39, a self-employed business woman with a family, and a flexible schedule. Happily married and not looking to change anything in her life -- but with a secret unfulfilled fantasy. Anonymous cunnilingus, in a dark movie theater, on a quiet afternoon -- starting when the lights dim and the curtain draws, until 'The End' rolls across the screen.

She tells me that she's almost 6 feet tall, a few extra pounds, brunette, a former athlete, and that she can comfortably put both feet behind her head. She loves her husband and their sex life is good -- but he rarely eats her pussy, or her ass. She confides that I may be the one to give her what she needs and craves -- a gentle man and a gentleman, who will worship her orally, lovingly and enthusiastically -- however she likes, for as long as she wants. And expect nothing in return -- except the sheer joy of feasting on the holy grail of her femininity. And whose reward will be the joyous blessing of her numerous orgasms. I confirm that I take direction very well -- and am extremely eager to please.

We do not meet or exchange photos or names but simply agree on the terms of engagement. She will advise me of the time and location -- and if I'm five minutes late, she will be gone. She will schedule her meetings in the morning, then enjoy an extended luncheon, as she sometimes does. Seated alone towards the corner in the back row, wearing a fall leather jacket, long skirt and dark glasses. The secret code will be 'black no sugar', and I will present her with same, and sit on her right. She will offer me her purple panties as a souvenir and symbol of surrender -- and to whet my insatiable appetite. We will not speak until the lights go down and all eyes are on the screen -- then I must do as I am told. Bring a bottle of water.

I shed my jacket and sweater as soon as I sit down next to her -- a delicate aura of subtle perfume hanging about her dark wavy hair. I sport a short-sleeved shirt so that I can bask in the thrill of skin on skin, with her sleek womanly thighs. Her gracious offering of silk panties -- soaking wet, drenched with her sweet juice, and dripping with the unmistakable prick stiffening scent of hot sweaty pussy. I inhale deeply and deliriously, eyes closed, heart pounding in my ears, throat instantly dry and parched. I spread her moist essence all over my face and gulp the water to ease the tightness in my throat. I yearn to spank the monkey fast and furious -- but that must wait until I'm alone

The lights finally dim slowly and we are quite alone. I need no invitation once everything is dark and am soon down on my knees, trembling with anticipation and excitement. Tight quarters between the rows, but I make myself comfortable -- the movie is listed at an hour and forty minutes, and I don't want to waste one second. She is agile like a gymnast and slouches down, one leg over the seat in front beneath her jacket, and the other over the arm on her right -- lewdly widespread like a ballerina cum porn starlet. She sips her coffee and gazes intently at the screen and a gentle mmmm accompanies the seductive masculine voice of George Clooney. I'm hidden in total darkness beneath her skirt, the air heavy like a hot humid summer night, and reeking with the magical heavenly aroma of her cunt.

My fingers trace gently and slowly up her soft smooth thighs, my mouth reverently approaching her divine altar. We both gasp quietly when our lips meet and I nuzzle her short bristly maidenhair and inhale it's glorious fragrance. My breath hot and heavy and adoring on her secret mound of Venus. She moves towards me slightly -- the signal for my hungry tongue to begin the slow dance of love and lust. She is incredibly juicy, wetness oozing between her plump lips and down her thighs, and onto the towel which she has cleverly placed under her delectable bum. I lap like a hungry kitten -- nectar sweeter than honey. Lips like liquid velvet and softer than silk. Savouring every delicious moment -- there's no hurry, only the long luscious licking and barely audible mewing and moaning, and heavy breathing. I lose control of my tongue and it feasts instinctively like a hungry slurping dog.

She quietly commands me to lick faster and I eagerly comply. A gentle hand on my head guides me to her sweet spot and presses me closer. I slide a finger into her tight molten cavern and massage her g-spot. It's no mercy now and like the energizer cunny bunny -- I just can't stop licking her electric pearl of pleasure. I sense she's getting close and will soon drown in tidal waves of excruciating ecstasy. She leans down and whispers not to stop when she cums -- just keep licking, but gently for a while. I hear tiny squeals of delight and her whole being convulses and quivers, and she squeezes my dancing finger tightly. Then more wonderful wetness everywhere, all over my face, and in my mouth, and down my throat. It lasts for ages, my tongue just resting on her swollen throbbing clit until her orgasm slowly ebbs away and she relaxes. Soon the eternal dance of lips and clit and tongue begins anew and she cums again and again, countless exquisite times.

When ' The End ' rolls across the screen she taps me twice on the shoulder -- the signal to make ourselves presentable and innocent. When the lights brighten, she simply rises, smooths her skirt and picks up her jacket -- and with a sly smile, turns without a word and joins the departing crowd. Leaving me stunned with her silk purple panties and a soaking wet towel -- and an immense sense of cerebral gratification.

I'm not going to wash my face or my finger tonight, maybe not even tomorrow.

And I think we're gonna see this movie again.

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