Sunday, October 13, 2013

Gobble Gobble

It's Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada -- a happy decadent time of feasting and fucking, licking and sucking, slurping and swallowing, and other delightful debauchery. So memorably and deliciously portrayed in the ribald film classic Tom Jones. So here then, from your pervy humble scribe, Peter B. Pussygobbler, a naughty ode to gobbling paradise :

warm autumn morning, dew upon the grass
perfect day to play with some girl's cheeky ass
returning from my morning walk, I see her standing there
knocking at my unlocked door, sunlight in her hair

I glance as I advance at breasts her blouse outlined
and the snug and swelling curves of her delectable behind
a hot physique with extra pounds which yoga pants divulges
and a luscious sexy crotch where her camel toe now bulges

our eyes they meet, my heart pumps up, my knees get very weak
in a blur I hear my words, as though someone else does speak
I cannot move or think and I know not what to say
'Please cum in' -- then she smiles and says, 'O.K.'

I pour some wine and we chat of this and that
she's working for the city, and wears a funny hat
her hair's quite grey and she hails from Tennessee
she's a girl named Sue, and says she's fifty-three

we sit down on the sofa, in the morning sunlight struck
she looked so sweet I had to pray that today I was in luck
she puts her arms behind her head, and stretches out her hips
her full ripe breasts jut straight out, and a sigh slips from her lips

so here she is beside me, laying back with legs apart
I cannot bear the passion that's pounding in my heart
I caress the inside of her thigh and tremble as in fear
but she spreads her legs a little wider, as if to say cum here

I kiss her neck and lick her ears and nuzzle her silken hair
and grasp and grope her melons and suck her perfect pair
my hand slides down her pants and finds her slippery slit
and diddles quite vigorously, her pulsing swollen clit

she responds to my diddling in a warm and charming way
pulling down her yoga pants, letting her panties fall away
and laying back she spreads her long and luscious thighs
and presents me with a treasure that stuns my hungry eyes

her pussy is a masterpiece of erotic female beauty
and nothing can dispel my worship sense of duty
behold my friend the grand prize of the eternal pussy hunt
the holy grail of womanhood -- the sweet and sacred cunt

her full and mounding cleft like peach halves in a pie
so exquisite and erotic that one can only sigh
sculpted lips of beauty so far beyond compare
adorned with soft and silky golden maidenhair

I snuggle into her armpit and lap up the subtle taste
my tongue descends in circles to her tiny little waist
then slowly to her moist and musky garden of delight
it's time to worship warmly the treasure of the night

'baby shall I rim you ? ' I whisper in hushed tones
she spreads her cheeks, and answers me with moans
my tongue slides down the slopes of her deep and darkened pass
I linger on the sweet spot between her pussy and her ass

my tongue explores the magic of her secret naughty place
she grinds herself like a girl possessed, against my hungry face
I dive slowly into darkness 'til I reach my puckered goal
she's mewing like a kitten as my tongue worms in her hole

she yearns for release, and pants like a boy
all oozing and swollen and begging for joy
craving my mouth to lick slurp and suck
spreading her lips with a gentle tongue fuck

now on her clit my tongue starts the feast
tireless and grunting like a starving beast
moaning and groaning her body's on fire
close to the cliff, her passion mounts higher

I slip my wet finger into her tight little bum
unlocking the sluices to making her cum
diddling her starfish from the inside
riding the wave 'til 'Oh Fuck !' she cried

convulsions begin and her muscles tight
I hang onto her hips with all of my might
she shudders and screams in agony sweet
my dreams are realized as I kneel at her feet

she spasms and squirts my delicious treat
fountains of joy juice spurting so sweet
deep into my soul, in my hour of great need
oh thanks for the giving, oh fuck yes indeed !

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