Saturday, August 10, 2013

S is for Sauce

Everyone calls her S, most know her as Saucy Sara. I dream about her as XS -- as in sexual and sensual and seductive. S is also for slut -- which is what she inspires me to be.

She's a glorious rubenesque blonde woman, thirty something -- with the passion and lust of someone forty something. Soft and gentle when she speaks, and sexy as Hades when she struts and saunters across the room. She's got mesmerizing curves flowing from gentle to rolling to steep. Her legs are long and her lips are full and luscious, and she wears dark rimmed glasses. There's a sensual serene look on her face -- but she's always in control. The Vice-President of New Products -- an innovative and highly successful designer of intimate apparel for women. Soon her team will introduce a hot new fashion trend -- slightly transparent clothing which does not reveal what's underneath -- but gives a gentle erotic hint. She has become, in the hearts and minds of all of us, the Goddess of Tantalize and Tease --  and given the passion of youth and the lusty way of all flesh -- I'd say she's got it made !

I'm on time for my appointment -- to discuss details of the project. When I'm in her special office, in which she locks herself away and works alone -- she, and the overall ambience make me tremble. Sleek mannequins and erotic drawings and silky samples scattered everywhere -- each glorifying the sensual bloom of womanhood. And her -- raw sensuality oozing from every pore.

She catches me glancing at the seductive cleft of rising female flesh, peeking out from beneath her half unbuttoned blouse. She smiles faintly but says nothing. The meeting ends pleasantly and she calmly passes me a yellow book -- Cunnilingus for Dummies. I'm speechless as I accept her gift.

' Read it, cover to cover, twice. Be here in my office at about 3 pm tomorrow, when the board of directors meeting ends. It will be the end of a long and stressful day and I will require your hungry tongue, urgently and for a couple of hours. Expect my juicy pussy to be unshaven and hot and sweaty and smell like a cunt. You know -- that distinctive magical aroma that turns ordinary human beings into ravenous slurping animals.'

She greets me and locks the door behind us -- wearing her own seductive black satin creations. There's a fancy bra that's teasingly small, with bulging melons barely contained -- and erect nipples peeking out of perfectly tailored openings. Tiny crotchless panties, and a generous smorgasbord of pale womanly lust inspiring flesh.

I'm in a trance as she directs me to sit, fully clothed, beneath her desk -- which is more like a tall artist's table with a tilted top for drawing. I sit comfortably and think only of the delicious feast which lies ahead. She passes me her panties and lewdly reclines in her big chair, legs spread wide, feet resting on a couple of carefully placed small tables. I inhale her delicious essence and wash my face with her sopping wet panties. The magical aroma of her cunt reaches my nostrils -- and my tongue eagerly seeks the sweetest softest flesh of all. Her cookie is plump and fleshy like a deep dish pie,
delicately adorned with soft hair -- like peach fuzz, only darker. Her juice is already oozing and I slurp greedily and noisily. I follow the instructions from the book and delight in her frequent mewing and moaning and sounds of pleasure. She rides my tongue like a surfer on a wave, always close to the edge of the cliff, but always pulling back to continue the lusty dance of lips and clit and tongue.

' Suck my clit. Hard !!! '

My mouth engulfs her tiny electric jewel, and my lips vigorously suck and chew the epicentre of her femininity. It happens suddenly, like an explosion -- convulsing and squealing in the sweet agony of orgasm. An eruption of hot spicy sauce into my mouth and all over my face. She quivers and shakes, and I savour and swallow. I feel so blessed and immensely gratified.

She soon shows me the door and and smiles warmly as she kisses me softly on the cheek.

' I'll call you when I need you '.

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