Saturday, August 17, 2013

Madame la Peche

I posted on Craigslist offering my incurable addiction to cunnilingus -- for the exploitation and enjoyment of a libidinous lady who craves the tongue, but is orgasm deprived. A pillow princess who wants to be worshipped lovingly and endlessly -- however she likes it, for as long as she wants. With the understanding that reciprocation is not expected -- I simply love to please. And I host discreetly.

I received answers from spammers and fakers and jokers and guys pretending to be women. A handful seemed serious but nothing materialized. Then another one-line response  -- ' mmmm, tell me more '.

I debated for a while, and being an eternal optimist, decided to respond to what I thought was probably spam. With a photo and links to my erotic fantasy blogs about the delicious delights of eating pussy -- and how it is as much about religion, as it is about sex. And that she can expect to be regarded and treated like a Goddess who bestows the gift of her sacred cunt -- to my grateful hungry mouth. The ultimate holy communion -- which makes me tremble with excitement and passion and gratification -- like a choirboy who beholds and tastes pussy for the first time.

She answers and is impressed with my passion for pussy adoration and worship. We chat pleasantly for a few days but she chooses not to show her face. She's Pierrette, la peche -- and I'm Pierre, le slurpeur. She's 52, married with a grown family, a lawyer in Montreal -- but spends a few days in Toronto each month.

I arrange a room in the hotel where she's staying. When I open the door to her soft double knock -- something grabs my heart, and my balls -- and squeezes. She's slim and striking, in heels and sleek grey suit with pink blouse, just the right amount of discreet jewelry -- and perfectly coiffed silver hair. A vivacious Quebecoise, speaks English warmly and softly and fluently, with a delightful
French accent -- which is as erotic as it is beautiful. She carries a slight, but knowing smile. We call
each other Pierette, la peche -- and Pierre, le slurpeur. Wine of course, red for lust -- and candles flickering with the scent of lavender. She tells me again that she loves to be eaten -- and is orgasm
deprived. Paradise found -- the angel of the night, appearing in the flesh.

She gives me a big plastic bag containing a very large cushion. She needs it placed beneath her delectable bum, so that her pussy is raised high -- to achieve a powerful orgasm. I am to bring it to our every meeting -- and sleep with it when we are apart. It will be drenched with her pussy juice -- and I intend to bury my face in its softness, inhale her lingering aroma, and spill my seed.

Our lips melt together and the clock stops. I kiss her neck beneath her ears and fondle her luscious ass   -- round and firm and smooth, like a ripe plum. The eroticism of mutual disrobing and soon we are naked and excited. She surrenders completely to my hunger and lust, and I feast on her tight smooth skin. Some peach fuzz here and there -- and whispy blonde maidenhair adorning her peach. She reaches quickly for the cushion and some pillows and perches her ass up high, legs widespread. I lie flat and gaze up rapturously at the holy grail -- the altar of Venus. She is already aroused and juice oozes over her full pouting pussy lips. I lick up every drop, slowly and carefully -- and savour the pure sweetness of her nectar. She tells me where and when and how -- and I respond like an eager puppy. My tongue instinctively transformed into the energizer tongue bunny -- and just can't stop licking. I bask in her delirious expressions of exquisite pleasure -- one hand lovingly and firmly on my head, the other squeezing her nipple tightly. She rides the waves of pleasure, gradually becoming more urgent and edging closer to the abyss of passion.

I slide a finger easily into her hot tight wet cunt and begin to massage her g-spot. I move my other hand beneath her bum, and find her tight rubbery starfish -- wet with her juice. My finger eases slowly inside and is squeezed hard. Soon she is over the edge -- with a long deep groan and excruciating violent convulsions. She jams a pillow into her mouth and screams in muffled agony. For several minutes, shaking and quivering and whimpering, the orgasm not letting go of her. The screaming gives way to squealing and sobbing, them mewing and whimpering. Her body jerks and trembles and quivers. She cries quietly.

A beautiful deep long kiss at the door, my face still covered in her cunt juice. We are already looking ahead to next time.

And I'm looking to go to bed with that pillow tonight.


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Oh my!

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