Friday, August 02, 2013

Sweet Georgia Peach

An hour into the red-eye flight to Dallas and the plane is half empty. Almost alone in first class with comfort and lots of leg room -- and extra blankets. Seated beside me is a lovely warm witty woman from Georgia, the peach state. We're finishing a night cap and chatting quietly and pleasantly. Somewhere behind us a man is already snoring. She's an artsy no nonsense type who knows all about give and take -- and gives as good as she gets -- in conversation. My mind wanders lewdly and I'm wondering what she tastes like and if she craves the tongue. Thank goodness she's not a mind reader.

' Y'all wanna taste some southern hospitality ? I got some hot sweet peach sauce for you '. She whispers urgently, lust in her eyes, and I know in an instant that she needs to be eaten.

' Yyyeeesss ', I stammer and stutter, stunned and trembling.

' My period is almost over and I'm super horny and gotta cum sooo bad. Y'all can handle that ? '

I'm unable to speak but instantly drop to the floor, salivating. Off with her yoga pants and she lays back on the pillows, legs lewdly widespread. Her pussy is bare and exquisitely shaped and my heart pounds in my throat and ears as I move reverently to worship at her sacred altar of Venus. She diddles herself for a few minutes then smiles lasciviously and gives me two dripping fingers to taste. Delicious warm sauce, slick goddess nectar, sweeter than honey. It's hot and humid between her luscious thighs and the unmistakable scent of ripe sweaty cunt is heavy in the air. I inhale the magical aroma and am transformed into an animalistic feasting frenzy of kissing, sniffing, licking, sucking, slurping and swallowing. My tongue is tireless and insatiable and moves hungrily in the eternal dance of pure raw lust. We've got lots of time and she directs me with quiet whispers -- slow, gentle, harder, faster, right there, don't stop. She rides the tides of pleasure like a surfer on a wave, edging closer to the cliff. Fuck yes, heaven can wait -- this is paradise.

' Y'all suck my my clit hard and make me cum. And y'all don't stop cause I'm gonna cum a few more
times !'

She grabs my head with both hands and grinds my face fiercely as I suck her entire clit area into my mouth and chew with every ounce of pressure my lips can produce. She muffles her squeals with a pillow and convulses in sweet agony. My mouth fills with warm joy juice and I savour the wonderful flavor -- of honey and nutmeg. I swallow every thrilling drop and know there is nothing finer in this world, or the next.

All too soon we have to prepare for landing and leaving. We go our separate ways with a warm smile and a beautiful soft kiss.

' Y'all come up and see me sometime '.

Georgia on my mind, indeed.

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