Friday, July 19, 2013

Cream Dream

You cum again -- in my dreams.

The door opens and you take my breath away -- my heart pounds loudly in my dry throat. Sleek and statuesque and naked in high heels -- the Goddess of Sin and Debauchery. I'm naked and kneeling in seconds and confirm our agreement -- anything you want.

I embrace and nuzzle you -- inhaling your intoxicating fragrance and the womanly softness of your hair and neck. My hungry lips tasting and worshipping reverently. The wonder of your full ripe melons and the succulent delight of your large nipples -- which love to be sucked hard, and gently bitten. I savour your luscious soft flesh with my eyes and my fingers and my mouth and my nose. I am your slave -- for as long as you like.

Standing in front of me -- your ass inches from my face, my eyes riveted on the full rising moon, and the deliciously promising dark crevasse. You bend over and grab your heels, and bury my face with your bum. The excitement drives me to slurp voraciously and noisily and you move and grind on my hungry mouth. I grasp your cheeks and gasp for air, my tongue rimming your tight starfish. Cunt juice oozes down your thighs and drips onto my belly. But you won't let me taste it -- until you're finished with my nose and tongue in your asshole.You're mewing and moaning with pleasure, and I'm groaning and grunting like a hungry animal.

Now I lie back on the bed, head comfortably resting on a pillow. Mmmm, the wonderful moment when you grab onto the headboard and squat a few inches above my face and ravenous outstretched tongue -- watching warm pussy juice drip onto me, like a blessing from Her above. You wash my entire face soft then hard with your hot oozing cunt -- and I am in paradise. You dance on my tireless tongue -- the hot rhythmic mango tongue tango. You know all the moves and never stop gyrating your loins -- I feast feverishly to keep up. A finger slides gently into your asshole and you moan and squeeze it tightly. The licking moves to sucking -- your entire vulva in my gorged mouth, my tongue lapping your hard throbbing clit. You ride me harder and I suck with all my ravenous hunger as you get closer. Then you squeeze my finger and convulse violently -- squealing and spasming. My mouth is filled with gentle streams of warm joy juice, sweetly flavoured like almond. I shudder and tremble as I swallow in gulps.

Holy communion indeed !

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