Saturday, July 27, 2013

College Girl

She's a twenty year old student living chastely at home, but secretly watches porn. And she's here to see me again to explore her interest in sex toys and fucking machines. She is casual and carefree, open and uninhibited, natural and unpretentious. Slim and trim, little or no make-up, gorgeous with long curly dark hair, deep expressive eyes, and a big warm smile that lights up the dim candlelit room.

Her tits are mouth-sized and perky, with perfect suckable nipples -- that she invites me to suck and squeeze. My hands all over her young lithe body, cupping the small delicate cheeks of her bum -- and squeezing. Soon I am where I need to be -- between her sleek luscious thighs, worshipping and feasting on her delicious cunt, or as Shakespeare said, 'the dearest morsel of the earth'. It's hairless and juicy and very sweet. She loves her lips spread and clit exposed -- and can take a lotta licking and sucking. I slide a big butt plug gently into her ass, and fuck her cunt vigorously with a fat dildo as I lick and suck her swollen clit. She rides the waves of pleasure for as long as she can, then plunges squealing and whimpering into the abyss -- the sweet agony of orgasmic bliss.

Then right away to play with her fave -- Wanda, the magic wand. She lays back and closes her eyes and turns up the speed. I slide a purple inflatable dildo into her wet cunt, and pump it up several times until she says stop. This is a girl who loves to be filled -- sometimes both sweet holes simultaneously.
Doggy style for awhile -- Wanda on her clit, dildo in her cunt, and my tongue and finger alternately stimulating her small tight asshole. More orgasms, and one final explosion -- the mother of all
climaxes. Intense and continuing, and she won't let go of it. Riding the excruciationg agony like a surfer on a wave, squealing and whimpering, her sweet face contorted in the ultimate pleasure. It lasts an awesomely long time and is thrilling to behold. She says it's the best she ever had.

Perhaps I should feel guilty about corrupting such a sweet young thing -- but I do not. I am consumed with lust every moment that we are together. She is already addicted to toy joy and to tongue 'n toy fun and takes home an early birthday present -- Wanda.

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IQandBoobsToo said...

You are so fucking HOT!

I want you.