Friday, June 21, 2013

As You Like It

'Your heart's desires be with you !'

-- Shakespeare, As You Like It

I am completely and unashamedly addicted to eating pussy -- and thankfully there is no cure. So I indulge my compulsion at every opportunity and joyously relish every delicious moment.

Apart from the selfish lust of licking and sucking and slurping a woman's soft velvety cunt, there is the immense cerebral gratification of delivering pleasure and the ultimate sweet excruciating agony. I am constantly seeking new and exciting ways to please her and bring her to new heights of squealing squirting orgasmic bliss.

So thanks to all who responded to my poll -- how do you prefer to be licked ?

Of course it is true that every woman is different and discovering her preferences is utterly delightful. The poll reveals that almost half of respondents enjoy passionate licking, along with clit sucking and g-spot fingering -- delicious techniques almost certain to make her cum.

I was very pleasantly surprised to find that many women also enjoy anal stimulation -- either with finger or tongue or toy. Along with labia sucking and soft slow licking, progessing from soft and slow to rapid and firm. Pointed and flat tongue strokes were equally desirable. Mmm, methinks she's gonna squirt her sweet nectar down my throat.

One of my favourite techniques, tongue 'n toy fun, was further down the list. I do love to introduce a bullet vibe into the slow dance of lips and clit and tongue -- and it almost always leads to excruciating orgasm. As does the magic wand, which did not appear on the survey.

Yes dear reader -- it's all about you, and your ultimate satisfaction. We are Cunnilinguists Unaminous and all we want to do is please you !

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