Monday, April 01, 2013

Good Friday

Let's call it Feasting Friday -- whereby we partake of the sacrament of lovers' juices. Certainly not Fasting Friday or Bad Friday or anything associated with Our Lady of Eternal Repression.

A day of worship for many people, including me. I knelt reverently at the altar of Venus with my face buried between her widespread thighs and my insatiable tongue in perpetual motion as though it were the last supper. Scented candles and red wine. Mmmm the sacred ambience, but the blessed virgin is nowhere to be found. Heaven on earth at the Naughty Inn.

Venus is 45, rubenesque with red hair and ample creamy white flesh. Bubbly and chatty with a delicious sense of humour and an infectious laugh. Huge ripe smothering melons and a big cheeky bum in yoga pants. Somewhat angelic, but very hot and horny. And increasingly yummy as the night wore on.

Breasts like luxurious soft pillows too large for one hand, and a delight to bury my face between. Big sensitive suckable nipples aching for attention, my hands and mouth eager to oblige. Gentle caressing and licking, hungry suckling and nibbling. She moans and squeals gently and continuously -- which inflames my hunger and I feast ravenously and uncontrollably. To my amazement and delight, she groans and convulses in orgasm and I offer prayers of thanks to the Goddess of Lust.

I force her thighs apart and gaze in rapture at her delicious cunt -- full and fleshy and juicy and irresistible. I dive into her delicious peach -- licking and sucking and slurping, the echoes of her pleasure ringing in my ears. She cums again and again as my fingers plunder her pussy, but she does not ask me to stop. The endless feast continues into the wee hours but the clock stands still. I can scarcely believe my good fortune.

Then a loud sharp knock at the door. The concierge informs me that there have been complaints from the adjoining suites about 'noise'. Perhaps the strains of passion offend, or more likely, jealousy. We giggle and resume the feast until she cums yet again, though somewhat quieter.

Then she sucks me with great skill and enthusiasm and drains the sperm from my balls. I collapse in orgasmic bliss and we cuddle warmly between the sheets.

The agony and the ecstasy and the ressurection.


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