Friday, March 15, 2013

Namio's Rubenesque Goddess


I adore the erotic artwork of Namio Harukawa.

He portrays the statuesque rubenesque goddess of sexually demanding womanhood. A woman of a certain age who calmly whispers 'eat me' with a sly sensual smirk on her face. She is the princess I yearn to worship and devour, and I call her Lucy -- more often Juicy Lucy. She's full and fleshy and ripe and has enormous perfumed breasts to suckle and drown in. And a stunning big meaty ass with divine plump cheeks to smother my face. She lives to be adored and eaten -- several times a day. She who must be endlessly pleasured until she gives her blessing, like a priestess at the the altar. Her face is beautiful and serene while she is so deservedly worshipped. Her pussy is a large sculpted clefted mound of exquisite erotic beauty -- so breathtaking and inviting and irresistible, that my knees turn to jelly. And covered with hair -- soft silky fragrant maidenhair sparsely adorning her secret grotto, like tendrils of ivy on a churchyard wall. Full fat pouting lips, glistening with the dew of desire -- and ready to be slurped, like peach halves on a plate. Her clit is large and prominent and hard and she uses it to vigorously fuck my mouth. Paradise found, bliss defined. Delicious juice oozes out of her velvety cunt and soaks my face and tongue and chin, and I desperately swallow every drop of her sweetness. I squeeze the sweet cheeks of her bum as she rides my face like Lady Godiva, glorious and libidinous, with grace and dignity. She cums loudly and proudly like Lady GaGa -- dancing and gasping, squealing and squirting, shuddering and convulsing.

Drenched in Lucy's juice and gasping for air, I feel utterly blessed.