Friday, March 08, 2013

Lewd Winterlude

One never knows what a day will bring.

An email from L asking to see me, right away. I know what she wants and I'm thrilled and rush to meet her. She doesn't have much time but craves my tongue on her clit, and desperately needs to cum.

She is a dark eyed sultry beauty from India, thirtysomething with long thick black hair and warm rich tan complexion. Married with kids and working, but not getting much tongue at home. She's warm and friendly with a dazzling smile and full luscious red lips, and big ripe melons almost bursting out of her blouse.

It's two on a sunny afternoon and we park at the back of the mall, where the snow is piled high. Quick like a bunny in the backseat, yoga pants and embroidered panties gone, thighs widespread. Her cunt is stunning with full fleshy labia, glistening with the dew of desire. And delicately covered with hair, silky soft maidenhair, sparsely adorning her pussy, not obscuring it. Magnificently erotic, and completely irresistible.

I go quickly to her clit as requested. She is delicious and my tongue is greedy and ravenous. I listen to her mew and moan with pleasure for several minutes until she shudders and groans and cums quietly. I feel a heart pounding cerebral orgasm of priceless gratification. And that adorable warm smile of orgasmic bliss. I can't take my eyes off her face, except to gaze at her beautiful brown cunt. I introduce her to a bullet vibe for some tongue and toy play. She loves the vibration along with my tongue on her clit, and she comes again. Her pussy is warm and juicy and I slurp and savour her exquisite sweetness.

Too soon she has to leave. Short and sweet, but oh what a sweet treat !

A fabulous thirty minute feast of peach in the backseat, in broad daylight with
the windows steamed up, in a suburban mall, on a memorable winter afternoon.

Priceless indeed.

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