Friday, February 08, 2013

How Do I Love Thee ?

Let me cunt the ways.

Worship, sacrifice and salvation at the sacred altar of Venus.

A Brazilian woman was recently accused of a bizzare attempt to murder her husband. She allegedly placed poison inside her vagina and invited hubby to go downtown for lunch. Not surprisingly, he obliged. Likely with hunger and enthusiasm.

However he sensed something fishy and became suspicious of her unusual scent. Then he realized that the poison she was trying to kill him with was being absorbed into her system, and rushed her to hospital. Thereby saving her life.

So dear lady reader, here's a guy, much like myself, who will go down on you anywhere, anytime, all the time -- and will save your life, even if you try to kill him.

I call that love.


IQandBoobsToo said...

Hmmm... I've heard of "the poison pen," a tongue "dripping with poison," but never a poison pussy!

My question is: why on Earth would a woman want to poison a guy who goes DOWN on her?!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I wondered the same thing. If a man is willing to eat you out all the time, why in the world would you want to poison him!