Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hot Chocolatte

' Gorged with the dearest morsel of the earth...'

-- William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

A mid-winter night's dream. A night utterly frozen in time and memory, like an ancient windswept pine clinging to the rocky shore of Georgian Bay. Outside it's bitterly cold, the snow crisp and crunchy, windows frosted, not many creatures stirring. My den of iniquity is dark and warm and cozy, candles flickering softly, the scent of lavender.

A gentle knock, a woman's knock, and my heart skips a beat. She bursts into the room like the friendly next door neighbour, a bright white smile a mile wide, igniting the air around her. She chats happily and openly, and giggles like a schoolgirl. Rich chocolate skin, like Dairy Milk, and deep dark brown eyes. Thirty something I guess. Her hair is unruly, kinky, like a devilish black halo, and completely charming. Not a hint of make-up. A woman secure and confident in her femininity, yet totally natural and unpretentious. Her face is soft and sensual, with full luscious lips to die for. She is wearing a tight tan sweater up to her chin, and tighter blue jeans. I see the promise of a perfect handful of tit, and a glorious ass. I hear my pulse pounding in my ears.

She is tall and elegant in her nakedness, more athlete than model, sleek and toned with dangerous curves. Her skin is taut and smooth like slippery satin, brown like coffee and cream, sweet like choco-latte. I nuzzle her neck in search of the perfume of the rose, but there is none. Only the wonderful warm scent of womanly flesh. I inhale deeply. Her breasts fit perfectly in my hands, her nipples small mounds of dark chocolate, so inviting and welcoming of my hungry mouth. She moans quietly and I feel her tremble. My eager hands slide down to grope her bum and squeeze her pornstar cheeks. It is at this point that I believe I have undeservedly ascended to heaven.

When I return to earth I am kneeling and gazing reverently at the heaven between her widespread thighs -- the cathedral of lust and the holy grail of womanhood. Her pussy is hairless and stunning, with full fleshy pouting lips, hot and moist and humid. Exquisitely shaped, almost sculpted, like the masterpiece of a great artist, and painted in shades of black and brown and pink and purple. A rare exotic orchid, dark and mysterious, with full ripe petals of pleasure. Her delicate musky scent is rapturous and lures me past the point of no return. Consumed with hunger and desire, I begin the delightful feast of the peach, my tongue slow dancing with her secret treasure. I bask in the warmth of her whispered moans and the gentle way she caresses my head. I gorge myself on the dearest morsel of the earth, soft and juicy, like liquid velvet -- kissing, adoring, worshipping, nuzzling, licking, flicking, moaning, tasting, sucking, slurping, swallowing. It's a long slow sensual voyage of erotic delight and the destination is somewhere in the distance. Time stands still and there is only her delicious juicy cunt and my insatiable mouth. The eternal dance of lips and clit and tongue continues delicious and deep into the night. Eventually I beg for her blessing and she cums, wondrously and beautifully -- a long epic spasming of sweet agony, my tongue sprinkled with her warm nectar, honey-sweet with a hint of almond. Mmmmm, the incomparable thrill of swallowing a lover's juice. Orgasmic bliss indeed, and the priceless smile of satisfaction.

She seems grateful and rewards me with an offer to sit on my face and ride my tongue. She's a natural rider and moans with pleasure as she moves erotically and rhythmically, feeding me generously at her chosen speed. I gaze up at her swaying breasts and look into the mesmerizing eyes of my lovely Nubian Goddess of Lust. She bathes my face in her juice and grinds my nose hard with her clit. I grope and squeeze the cheeks of her muscular ass and she murmurs her pleasure. I doubt there's anything more exciting in this world, or the next.

But I'm greedy and insatiable and I want it all -- no, I need it all. So I beg, with my heart in my throat, to worship her gorgeous ass. On all fours she obligingly presents her delectable derriere and all I can do is stare in awe and wonder at the magnificent feast which awaits. Perfect rounded globes of smooth chocolate flesh, separated by a tantalizing deep black crevice, and leading below to the splendid pouting lips of her juicy cunt. I caress and fondle her firm buns, groping and squeezing, feasting my eyes on her naughty erotic treasure. I lose all sense of gentlemanly control and tremble with pure heart-pounding excitement as I bury my flushed face in her bum, cheeks to cheeks. Groaning and moaning, the pleasure so lewd and raunchy and delicious. I spread her cheeks with both hands, holding them wide apart, and slide my ravenous tongue into the sweet black crack of her ass. Feast of Dreams meets Heart of Darkness. She reaches between her thighs and diddles her pussy as I worship feverishly. It quickly becomes a feeding frenzy -- licking and slurping her lovely ebony bum, tasting and probing her tiny purple starfish with my tongue, nuzzling her tight rubbery ring with my nose. Over and over and over again.

Then sadly it's time for her to go. Yes W.S., parting is such sweet sorrow. She prepares to leave and watching her dress is yet another delightful treat. A hug, a kiss, then she disappears into the cold quiet night, leaving behind a sea of warmth and fuel for many a fabulous fantasy.

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