Friday, January 11, 2013

Brief Encounter

By chance in a coffe shop, both arriving in line at precisely the same moment. With a modest flourish, I invite her ahead of me.

She is blonde and stunning, 40 something, stylishly elegant in black with a deep red shirt. I blurt instinctively,

' Your Highness '

' YES ! ' A firm voice, a pleased smile.

I cannot help but stare -- as though I will never see her like again. She seems strong and forbidding, yet feminine and sexual. And in her deep knowing eyes lurks the promise of pleasure and passion. Her face is calm and serene, but hints at the calm before the storm. She is a rare vision of elegance, perfectly blended with oozing sensuality. Fair skin and pouty red lips to match her shirt. Full ripe melons bursting to escape and a small tattoo caressing her cleavage. An extra button tantalizingly undone. A pillar of the community, one might think, were it not for those marvellous melons and those luscious lips, and that button.

She is friendly and sincere and we chat about the menu. Suddenly the line shortens and we move to catch up. My heart pounds in my throat as I watch her walk, from behind. She moves as though she were born to seduce -- part strut, part saunter, part sashay, but 100% pure sensual eroticism that cannot be described. Suddenly she turns to face me and calmly removes her panties. She moves closer as though to kiss me, and presents them close to my face. They are lacy and black and soaking wet. I clutch them like a priceless treasure and inhale deeply. Paralyzing erotic intoxication, and an urgent whisper,

' Follow me to the ladies room.  NOW ! '

Seated on the floor in a stall, back resting against the toilet, looking up at this sublime creature of desire, framed in a halo of lust. She places a hand on the wall and stands on one leg, with a foot on the toilet. Sleek black-stockinged thighs to adore and caress. She hoists up her tight back skirt and gazes down into my begging eyes with a knowing smirk.

' EAT  ME ! '

Like an angel of mercy, she lowers her naked flower to my eager outstretched tongue. And begins to move, slow and deliberate, gentle and graceful, like a student of ballet. She feeds my hunger and inundates my mouth with warm honey-sweet nectar. Her hips move in ways that I have never seen -- dancing on my tongue, like the Queen of Sheba. Her pussy is hot and humid, and soft like liquid velvet. She mews in pleasure and whispers commands to my tongue and lips. My face is drenched with her delicious essence as her dance becomes a trot, then a ride, then a gallop to glory. Lady Godiva Rides Again meets Feast of Dreams.


She cums in agony -- muscles spasming and clenching, trembling and convulsing, an enormous squeal suppressed into a delicious groan, her sacred juice everywhere.

We bask briefly in the euphoria of the moment. Then she leans down and kisses me softly, smiles sweetly and disappears.

I press the black panties again to my face, and inhale her delicious musky scent, the magical aroma that makes my heart pound and my prick stiff. I tuck them into the inside breast pocket of my jacket, close to my heart, where I can dicreetly steal a sniff, whenever I need a fix.

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