Friday, December 07, 2012

Justin Beavereater, Crooning Cunnilinguist

Beaver Fever

Pleased and proud to introduce my tongue
It's long and strong and will make you cum
Baby ride my tongue and grind my face
Yeah give me juice to slurp and taste
Justin Beavereater is my name
Ultimate Cunnilingus is my game

My face and voice may be known, but my secret desires are not. Few people realize that I am the King of Ultimate Cunnilingus -- the exquisite supreme pleasure which brings many a girl to quivering whimpering squealing squirming squirting orgasmic bliss. Yes ladies, I am hopelessly addicted to tipping the velvet, worshipping at the altar of Venus, dining at the Y, slurping peach pie or sucking your magic pearl of passion. Please don't tell -- it will be our little secret.

Seeking someone special who will surrender completely and unconditionally to my naughty desires. You must be horny and uninhibited and crave prolonged sensual cunnilingus, delivered lovingly by my tireless insatiable tongue. I will kneel between your luscious widespread thighs and croon my lewd lust -- you will hear an erotic sensual version of my private love ballad 'Beaver Fever', as I feast on your hot juicy cunt. Feel the love as I hum the melody of passion, while my tongue spells out the lascivious lyrics all over your sweet pussy. This tribute to the flower of femininity, this anthem to labial love and clitoral stimulation, is just for us in our precious moments together. I will eagerly cater to all your kinky desires and worship you reverently, from head to toe. There will be endless licking and sucking and slurping and squealing and squirming and of course, orgasmic bliss. I do love a lady who squirts or gets very wet, as I have a secret addiction to pussy juice and require frequent feeding.

Some girls call me The Singing Pussygobbler, but you can call me Beave.

Preference given to serious thoughtful replies, accompanied by lewd photos.

And if you like to sing and dance too -- the artistic and erotic possibilities are endless.

Absolute discretion, privacy and secrecy, of course.


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