Friday, November 30, 2012

Slutgoddess Dream

G is for Goddess, Pussy Galore, vagina, glorious graceful cunt, good girl gone orgasm agaga. She is Gisele -- a gorgeous sleek gazelle, a fallen angel with a fuck me face. She thinks like a porn star, struts her full ripe melons like a cheap whore, fucks and sucks with the heart of a nympho, and has the soul of a slut. She is submisive and obedient and insatiable and lusts after pretty girls. She tells me that she squirts uncontrollably and repeatedly when sodomized vigorously. She has long dark hair and everyone wants to fuck her.

She needs orgasmic release and wants to try my new fucking machine. Her deep dark flashing eyes gape in amazement when she first sees it. Mouth falling open, sucking in her breath, gazing at the powerful motor of the idle machine, two enormous dildos poised to plunder both holes, simultaneously. Long and thick with obscenely fat bulbous knobs.

Enter M, my slim lesbian assistant. She's nubile and innocent, a cute grad student, with a hunger for cunt and a tireless insatiable tongue.

G is quickly naked and restrained, thighs held wide apart, open and vulnerable, sweet pussy completely exposed. M and I feast eagerly on her juicy cunt, in turns. An inflated butt plug is worked gently into her asshole and pumped up, filling her. She loves to be eaten and cums quickly and repeatedly. He juice is sweet and flows everywhere, especially in her asshole which we diddle vigorously and joyously as we lick.

We move her and place the machine in the secured orgasmathon position. She is restrained doggy style and we ease an enormous rubber prick into each hole. It is a delicious moment -- nuzzling her hungry holes with such enormous knobs, clenching and relaxing, working them in gently. Slowly stretching her as wonderful mews and moans fill the room, music to our ears. G turns on the machine and gasps and groans at the deeper pumping motion, and closes her eyes. My hungry mouth below her, feasts on her cunt, licking and sucking her juicy clit. A sweet young pussy appears in her face and she devours it greedily, noisily slurping it like a ripe peach. She is restrained and cannot move, except for one free hand to control the speed of fucking. In and out relentlessly, pistoning like a locomotive, my eyes riveted closeup as the enormous dildos pump her pussy and asshole. Her holes distended and gaped and swollen, silky velvet flesh clinging and clenching. She moans deliriously and squeals and squirts and squirms in pleasure. And begs for more. My heart jumps as she turns on full speed and is fucked without mercy. The machine groans and squeaks and she squeals and sqasms. I shudder with pleasure as she ejaculates fountains and streams of hot sweet juice directly into my mouth and down my throat. Her own mouth still full of hot wet cunt. Soon she does it again -- such precious nectar, so much and so beautiful to swallow. The fucking and sucking and squirting and swallowing continue deep into the night until she collapses in an orgasm induced coma.

She is hot and sweaty and juicy and fragrant and so delicious to taste in the morning.

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Anonymous said...

SO hot!!!!! The perfect birthday present!!