Thursday, November 01, 2012

Ride My Tongue

ride my tongue
grind my face
give me juice
to slurp and taste

I want you to ride my tongue with great passion, like Lady Godiva. And indulge your lust until you feel like Lady GaGa, and collapse in quivering whimpering orgasmic bliss. On my back, a big fluffy pillow beneath my motionless head, my tireless insatiable tongue craving your delicious cunt. You grasp the headboard for support and kneel or squat over my face and lower your hot humid pussy to my hungry mouth. You caress my face with sacred maidenhair, your wondrous musky scent lingers in my nostrils. My eager tongue tastes your sweetness and waltzes gently with your soft wet lips and swollen clit. My hungry lips suck and slurp your ripe silky peach, sweet juice oozing all over my face. Reaching up with greedy hands, I grope and fondle your full ripe melons, and squeeze snd twist your nipples. You mew and moan and whisper approval and encouragement, and move as your pleasure dictates -- slow, gentle, firm, forceful, urgent. I lick lustily on the sweet spot between your juicy pussy and your tantalizing asshole. I hear you moan and my hunger seduces you to feed me your perfect rosebud. So hot and naughty, my tireless tongue hungrily rims and probes your tight rubbery ring like a man possessed with the devil. My heart pounds as you ease your slippery starfish down on my nose, and fuck me gently. You slide a humming bullet vibe down to your clit and things get hotter, and louder. I feel you tense, then I hear you gasp ' I'm gonna cum ', and my heart swells with lust and excitement. You dance and convulse and squeal and squirt as the exquisite spasms begin. I gulp your warm gushing nectar and swallow every delicious drop with enormous gratitude.

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IQandBoobsToo said...

Mmmmmm! Looks like Sandy didn't disturb y'all up there in Ontario! (Or maybe you had lots of time, with the lights out, to dream of peaches and cream?)