Friday, November 09, 2012


I love the word CUNT -- it rhymes so nicely with hunt.

I love the raunchy visceral slap of it. This word is decadent and lewd and erotic, and jolts you deep in the sexual psyche. It is especially delicious when uttered by a woman, and even more so when one is commanded --  'worship my CUNT '.

I love the awesome spectacle of her CUNT  -- her delicious female treasure, and kneel instinctively and reverently. The epicentre of her femininity, a masterpiece of erotic beauty, decorated with a wispy fringe of maidenhair, her wondrous musky aroma, her slick velvety lips, her swollen pearl of pleasure, and of course, her exquisite taste -- sweeter than honey.


Which brings me to a favourite word -- CUNTILICIOUS.

My cuntilicious Princess, where are you ?  My tireless tongue awaits.

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