Saturday, October 20, 2012

Spank & Lick

You've been a very naughty girl and must be punished. Your wrists are bound behind your back and you are bent over the principal's desk, vulnerable and helpless, with a gag in your mouth. I lift your short skirt and admire the luscious contours of your delectable bum, then slide your pink panties down to your ankles and tell you to step out of them. They are surprisingly moist and I press them to my face and inhale the delicious musky fragrance of your pussy. You tremble as I caress the full ripe cheeks of your bare buttocks with a feather. I command you to stay still and you wonder if I will use my hand or a leather belt. You want to move, to run away and hide, but you cannot. You shudder as you hear me remove the heavy leather belt from my pants.

The room resounds with the nasty erotic sounds of slapping and striking your tender flesh. You wince and gasp and squirm as your cheeks become hotter and redder, tingling and stinging, raw and burning. Your muffled squeals and pleas for mercy excite me and and I strike you harder and faster.

Finally, I untie your wrists and command you to bend over and grasp your ankles so that I can adore your splendid welted rosy bum. I slide a finger into your hot juicy pussy and diddle you mercilessly.

Your muffled moans and groans tell me where you desperately need to go. I remove the gag and caress your tingling cheeks with a feather.

Do you need my tongue sweet angel ?

Oh yessss....please....yessss....please....yessssssss....

I command you to lie on your back on the desk, raise your legs and hold them wide apart with your hands. You mew and moan with pure pleasure as I pull up a chair and introduce your pussy and your ass to my tireless insatiable tongue and the first of many naughty toys.


Anonymous said...

Squirming in my now wet thong.

Peter Phisnarus said...

A wet pussy is the penultimate compliment.