Saturday, September 22, 2012

Endless Feast

I am invited to worship at the Altar of Venus and tremble with anticipation and desire and excitement. It is the most gratifying sexual pleasure for many men and women, to give or receive, or both.

The voyage on the boat of licking lust is slow and sensual and supremely enjoyable. Many waves of pleasure to be ridden and savoured, dancing on the brink, before reaching the ultimate destination. There is no rush -- indeed the voyage is more important than the destination. Enjoy yourself to the max and push your libido with as much pleasure as you can possibly take.

She is horny tonight, hips moving in the ancient dance of desire. Her pouting pussy lips, moist and glistening, like peach halves on a plate. We begin the long feast of licking and flicking and sucking and slurping. It is the eternal dance of lips and tongue and clit -- so sensual and erotic in every way. The delicious excitement builds slowly but surely until it erupts in a convulsing crescendo of exquisite squealing agony. Then the music stops, and the dance is over. We bask in orgasmic bliss.

But my insatiable tongue and my hungry heart and my lewd imagination never want the dance to stop. I dream of the endless feast.

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