Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Loving Tongue

My loving tongue --
paints love letters from the alphabet on your sacred mound of Venus
slides urgent vowels of pleasure between your slick slippery lips
speaks silently in simple kneeling reverent worship
urges your murmured moans and sweet liquid blessing
recites poems of ancient love and lust from Sappho and Ovid
tastes sweet musky dew of gently perfumed petals
spews fire and light and desire into your dark erotic soul
sips oozing warm nectar, rich like syrup, sweeter than honey
sucks and rolls tender flesh of silky soft juicy velvet
induces mews and whispers and moans and groans of bliss
dances slow and close and wet with your electric pearl of pleasure
ignites explosions of gasping spasming squealing agony
slurps and swallows squirting fountains of delicious woman juice
and worships your magnificent feminine flesh in blissful gratitude.

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