Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Tongue & Toy Time

I always aspire to deliver my lover to greater heights of orgasmic bliss, like nothing before, thereby increasing my own cerebral gratification.

She lays back slowly in a big old easy chair, legs splayed widely over the arms, feet resting comfortably, ready for the long loving licking. I sit reverently on the floor, in this cathedral of lust between her luscious thighs, my face close to her hot humid femininity. I stare in awe at her erotic beauty and inhale her warm sweet fragrance, eager for the service of worship to begin. And so it does, deliciously. Soft slick flesh, mmmm, so silky and juicy. And honey-sweet to the taste. The eternal slow dance of lips and clit and tongue.

A newcumer to the dance....a sleek humming bullet vibe pressed into her hand....she eagerly eases it into the slow waltz of lust....my tireless tongue tingles with electric vibrations...her breathing qickening, gasping.....my heart pounds in my throat...my mouth open, perfectly positioned...the feverish dance continues urgently.... until she explodes....squealing and squirting and gushing...every drop of her sweet warm nectar down my throat.

This is heaven.

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