Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lady Godiva Rides Again

She doesn't tell me her name but it matters not. A little quiet, but very sweet, soft-spoken with long dark hair and piercing blue eyes. Gorgeous and sensuous with a mouth of delicious promise, and stunning cleavage. Married but unsatisfied, a mother of two. A naughty angel oozing sensuality and pure raw lust. She says she's 45 -- I would have guessed 35. The body of Aphrodite, taut soft skin, full firm ripe breasts and a luscious delectable bum. And horny, very horny. She speaks in whispers like a shy schoolgirl and tells me that she plays with her clitoris every day.

We start with a gentle massage, her flesh smooth and firm and supple. Her thighs soon move in the ancient dance of desire. My mouth on her nipples, her moans of pleasure inflame my greedy lustful hunger. She whispers an invitation to remove her panties. My heart skips a couple of beats and pounds in my dry throat. I oblige and am instantly hard.

Her pussy is a masterpiece of erotic beauty, a ripe juicy peach. Full luscious labia, shaven clean and irresistible, so perfect for licking snd sucking and slurping. My mouth and lips and tongue engage in gentle reverent worship at her altar of Venus. Soft like velvet, hot and slick. She mews like a kitten and I pray this will last forever. I press a bullet vibe into her hand and she slides it over her clit, my tireless tongue joining in the slow dance of pleasure. She likes a large vibrating dildo sliding in and out of her hungry wet pussy and whimpers and moans as the intensity builds. Sweet juice oozing into my mouth and down the crack of her ass. My moistened finger gently probing her tight clenching starfish. She loves it and whimpers approval and we dance the long slow dance of passion until she squeals softly and fills my mouth with her sacred nectar.

A pause for refreshment and she's ready to ride the Sybian. Climbing tentatively aboard and leaving me at the controls. A compelling erotic vision of Lady Godiva, upright in the saddle, long hair flowing, perfect luscious breasts jutting into my face. The machine at full speed, she rides for an eternity, her soft moans of pleasure so wonderful to my ears. Such capacity for pleasure, she moves like a woman possessed, her mewing and whimpering thrills me beyond belief. When she cums, I feel truly blessed and bask in the glow of my juicy reward.

I pray for the return of my naughty angel, the Lady Godiva of my carnal dreams.

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