Thursday, June 21, 2012

Top Twelve Pussies I Wanna Worship

12. Anally Erotic. Let me suck your throbbing clit while a vibrator hums in your ass.
11. Tongue & Toy Fun. Simultaneous tongue and toy stimulation of labia, clit, g-spot.
10. Talk to me Baby. Your hands silent on my head as you mew, whimper, whisper and moan.
9. Chocolate Pussy. Delicious dark velvety labia. The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice.
8. Norah Jones. Oozes sensuous 'eat me' lust. I'm waiting, on my knees, for you baby.
7. Pillow Princess. Lay back and enjoy my tireless insatiable tongue for as long as you want.
6. Tongue Rider. Kneel or squat over my face and let me feast greedily on your femininity.
5. Squirter. Ejaculate torrents of delicious honey-sweet pussy nectar in my mouth when you cum.
4. Tongue Addicted. You cannot cum without an eager loving tongue. May I have an audition ?
3. Cunnilingus Virgin. You are sweet, shy and secretly libidinous -- and have never been eaten.
2. Adele. She let it slip in an interview that she can put her ankles behind her head.....mmmmm.
1. Tongue Starved. You love it, crave it, need it and dream it -- but are neglected. My dream girl.


Anonymous said...

From checking your list of 12, I figure I fit more than 7 of the dream requirements. 1 most definately not getting it enough, once every 4 months if lucky. 2 I suffer from a rare genetic disorder called ehlers danlos syndrome which while it makes me extra fragile also makes me obscenely bendy. 4 I definately have a problem cuming unless its a hot flickering tongue dancing on my clit, or slow feathering steady licks making me wait for it. 5 squeeling and squirting no problem there, try screaming, writhing, clawing fighting to escape at the last second and most definately squirting.10, 11 and 12 oh god yes plzzzzz though latest fantasys involve being held still and feasted on till sobbing in orgasm after orgasm, while having a vibrator in my tight pussy on a slow steady hum, not enough to tip over the edge, but enough to keep me ticking over, the tongue, insatiable, tormenting, teasing. Amethyst. Red head, green eyes, curvy, 38dd, Scotland, Happy dreams. xx

icunnilinguist said...

Thank you dream lass. You win the grand prize -- a cunnilingus orgasmathon. My cup runneth over with erotic fantasies and my dreams will likely be hot and wet.