Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sinful Sindee

She appeared in my dreams last night and called herself Cindy. But let's call her Sindee. Hot kinky sinful Sindee. She oozes lust and sensuality and is constantly horny. Blessed with a high libido and totally without inhibition. And a young gorgeous face that says 'eat me'. Dream Goddess.

She bounces into the room like a teenager with thick dark hair flowing and the sweet smile of the girl next door. Slim nubile body like a porn starlet, tight yoga pants and the perfect little bum. Strips naked within minutes and enjoys the herb. Deep dark eyes, delicious smooth skin and the giggly laugh of a schoolgirl. Delectable perky titties with nipples that love to be sucked and squeezed. Her pussy is exquisitely shaped and adorned with a small piercing near her clit. She is extremely horny, sexually adventurous, adores sex and can go for hours. Nipple and clit pumps and vibrators and dildos intensify her pleasure. My tongue slow dances with her delicious wet pussy, her lips swollen and naughty and juicy, an erotic masterpiece. She murmurs approval and asks for more. She loves to have her clit sucked deep and hard and it is incredibly exciting and gratifying when she squeals and convulses and cums.

She has a gorgeous tight little asshole and loves to have it worshipped and played with and gently stretched. She enjoys my eager tongue licking and probing, alternating with my nose nuzzling her tight rubbery ring apart. Her sweet rosebud clenches with pleasure and my tireless tongue is insatiable. A clit vibe humming, a large vibrating dildo pounding her pussy hard and fast. Now something bigger and pulsing for her well-lubed asshole. She loves DP and it makes her cum hard, again.

She rides the Sybian orgasm machine like Lady Godiva until she feels like Lady GaGa, and collapses in quivering whimpering orgasmic bliss. Dildos, butt plugs, vibrators and tongue work together to pleasure her pussy, clit, g-spot and asshole. She loves it all, a beautiful nympho in bed, every man's erotic dream. This girl can take really it and loves a big hard strap-on dildo fucking her vigorously, my fingers in her asshole, clit vibe humming happily.

Sindee has promised to squirt in my mouth....mmmmmm, heaven can wait.


Anonymous said...

I wish I was her....

Anonymous said...

Bookmarking for later...makes me feel like swimming naked, right now...I love this. Post more please!