Thursday, May 03, 2012

Kneeling Feeling

I love to please, on my knees. I love to kneel at her feet and look up, as if in prayer to my Goddess. Smouldering sexual eye contact as I prepare to taste the most delicious treat of all. I love that feeling of anticipation and heart pounding excitement when I glimpse her stunning secret treasure as she lowers it to my ravenous mouth. I love that comfortable kneeling position for prolonged sensuous worship with no regard for the clock. Blissful hours of feverish feasting, licking, flicking, sucking and slurping. I am grateful for the generous feeding of sweet hot juicy pussy as she rides my face like Lady Godiva. I love her looking down at me, moaning and whispering, guiding and grinding, riding and dancing on my tongue, urging me into a feeding frenzy. I love her honey-sweet juice oozing and squirting copiously all over my face and lips and mouth and chin. I love to taste and swallow her sacred nectar, the communion of pure beautiful lust. I love the gripping and grabbing and groaning and moaning and squealing and screaming as the eternal convulsions begin. I love to kneel and look up her her lovely sweet face, contorted in the delicious lewd agony of orgasmic bliss. Ah, woman.

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