Thursday, February 09, 2012

Top Ten Valentine's Day Gift Suggestions For Him

10. A pair of your tiny scented panties to carry discreetly in his pocket everywhere.
9. A blow job with another woman watching.
8. Soixante-neuf with another woman while he watches.
7. A coupon book -- each redeemable for one loving act of fellatio, anywhere, anytime.
6. A custom hand-knit penis warmer for when you're not there to warm it up.
5. A cock ring engraved with his favourite name for you.
4. A golden heart-shaped locket containing your silky fragrant maidenhair.
3. A wall calendar featuring 12 artistic and erotic poses of your naked beauty.
2. A Hitachi Magic Wand, for your pleasure and his entertainment, while you're tied to the bed.
1. A faceful of your hot wet pulsing pussy, while he's tied to the bed.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nice! I'm going to send a nicely scented cotton panty panel to my cyber-lover on the east coast! What he'd really like, though, is to watch you lick, suck and finger me to a screaming orgasm and then fuck me hard before my pussy has stopped convulsing.

Yeah, Baby!