Friday, February 17, 2012

Hair or Bare ?

I love maidenhair, its soft silky texture, its tendril-like beauty and how it gracefully adorns a woman's pussy with mystery and eroticism. And I especially love how it retains her wonderful fragrance of musk, so uniquely feminine, the unmistakable scent of pussy. Inhaling that magical aroma is a heavenly experience in itself.

There is no denying the inviting sensual appeal of hairless pouting labia. Her exquisite mound of Venus exposed in its erotic glory, so smooth and sculpted and succulent and welcoming of mouth and lips and tongue. Every inch of her sweet tender flesh vulnerable to the slurpfest like peach halves on a plate.

And as for in between....bristly fragrant stubble....mmmm.....maybe a little sweaty too....pure pussy heaven....the best of both.

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