Friday, January 20, 2012

Oh Flower of Woman

oh pink passion flower
so glorious your rainbow
oh lush soft lavender
so divine your aroma
oh bird of paradise
so elegant your wings
oh orchid of lust
so dewy your lips
oh virginal jasmine
so pure your essence
oh rose of sharon
so velvet your petals
oh tulips of spring
so silky your flesh
oh lily of the valley
so musky your scent
oh love in the mist
so shy your blush
oh maroon morning glory
so heavenly your hue
oh butterfly blossom
so rich your fragrance
oh pink honeysuckle
so sweet your nectar
oh flower of Venus
so moist your love purse
oh lotus of Sappho
so copious your juice
oh bachelor's button
so secret and precious
oh pearl of pleasure
so tender my tongue
oh burst of blossom
so exquisite our bliss

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