Sunday, January 15, 2012

O Cum All Ye Faithful

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am the King of Cunnilinguists and am dedicated to the thrilling and amazing female orgasm. My shrine is known as Our Lady of Perpetual Pussy Worship and the legend of my magical tongue has spread throughout cyberspace. From near and far wise wanton women make pilgrimmages to my Feasting Chamber and bring gifts of frankincense, myrrh, weed and neglected aching pussy to be ritually and divinely blessed

I lay supine and naked on a slightly raised altar covered with soft white sheepskin, spread-eagled and bound by my wrists and ankles. Two lovely nude pleasure girls kneel over my hands and are lewdly diddled by my supple fingers while two others squat over my feet and lower their hot wet pussies onto my big hard toes and hump themselves vigorously. One by one, each of the naked supplicants is escorted into the Feasting Chamber and bows to the statue of  Sappho, Goddess of Cunnilingus. She then kneels reverently over my face and lowers her holy grail of womanhood onto my magical tireless tongue. The Feast of Pussy Heaven begins and I greedily gobble the delicious tender flesh offered to me from above and slurp and swallow the sweet nectar which floods my face, my lips and my mouth. My tongue dances the waltz of eternal electric lust with her precious pearl of pleasure. Some ride slowly and gently as if in a trance, others grind mercilessly as if driven by passion while some move urgently as if consumed by fever. Each rides with the grace of Lady Godiva and the chamber resonates with cries and moans of pleasure and increasing passion. The inevitable moment of Divine Blessing comes quickly for some and more slowly for others. But always accompanied by excruciating convulsions and squirting and squealing and wailing as if mortally wounded. La Petite Mort. I bathe in the pure cerebral transcendence of orgasmic bliss produced by my magical loving tongue.

You are a lusty libidinous lady at The Pearly Gates of Pussy Worship Heaven and are most welcome to enter.

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