Wednesday, January 04, 2012

My Tongue Revisited

My tongue's a soulful singer, oh will you listen and surrender and spread your delectable legs ?
My tongue's a cunning linguist writing love letters from the alphabet all over your mound of Venus
My tongue's a gentle feather caressing breathing hot and moist between your quivering inner thighs
My tongue's a wriggling eel sliding slipping squirming between your sacred secret lips
My tongue's a perfect dancer waltzing slow and elegant with your electric pearl of pleasure
My tongue's a hungry hunter feasting ravenously on your delicious feminine flesh
My tongue's a velvet dagger piercing fire and lust into your neglected erotic soul
My tongue's a silent poet whispering ancient erotic verse of pleasurre and passion and promise
My tongue's a hovering hummingbird flitting darting sipping drinking all my love's sweet nectar
My tongue's a famous artist slowly splashing colours of the rainbow on your luscious silky palette
My tongue's a lusty lover lapping licking flicking fucking sucking slurping swirling swallowing tasting
My tongue's the devil's magician sparking exploding spasming squealing tsunami orgasmic bliss

2 comments: said...

This is really exciting! can't really believe it!

icunnilinguist said...

Thank you. It is my hope to excite you.